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 Pakatz company was founded in 1993 in Tel-Aviv. In 1997, with the change of ownership, Pakatz Engineering (1997) Ltd. was established. The company is owned by Dr. V. Brown.
Pakatz company's expertise is construction planning, bridges, tunnels, buildings, roads and more.

Word Of The CEO - Dr. Vadim (Dima) Brown

Our company has come a long way since it's establishment in 1993, and there's a long and challenging road ahead of us still. 

Our goal is, and always has been, to act with professional integrity toward our clients, and to create a homey and comfortable working environment for our employees. With time, we have managed to evolve into one of the leading companies in Israel in the fields of bridge, road and road structure design,

and it is a great privilege for me to lead Pakatz Ltd. in it's extensive work both in Israel and abroad.

In the past years we have witnessed the accelerated and essential development of roads, tracks and transportation infrastructures in Israel and we are proud to be a part of this necessary step. This is one of the many reasons it is very important for us to also progress in the technological side of design and in the development of computerization systems which allow forwarding the projects with maximal accuracy while minimizing risks. Years of development of auxiliary software in Pakatz, in parallel to designing, have resulted in a highly advanced computerization layout that is based on a system of computerized management of bridge, road and structural design. 

We in Pakatz operate and design in Israel as well as abroad, while maintaining the values the company was established on and are carved very deeply into it's vision: reliability, uncompromising professionalism, service that is based on a warm and personal connection with our clients, constant use of new and up-to-date technologies in the field, and the establishment of connections with leading firms and companies in the field of engineering both in Israel and abroad.

All this, to provide our clients with the best, most high quality design and council.